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Online purchase of real estate in Montenegro

We offer you an opportunity to schedule an online viewing of any property from our portfolio and to conduct the whole real estate purchase deal on distance.

Our company has a hands-on experience in conducting distant property purchase deals for our clients, on behalf of buyers and sellers from different countries. Such practice has been present on the market for a number of years already and is known to our specialists in every single detail.

Now we could combine the online property viewing with a distant property purchase in order to provide you with an opportunity to choose and buy a property in Montenegro without visiting the country personally!

A process of distant property purchase in Montenegro is quite simple and consists of the 3 major steps:

Online property viewing
  1. We make a selection of properties from our portfolio with maximum compliance to your criteria and send it over to you
  2. After getting your feedback on the offers and answering all your questions, we help you to make a short-list of 2-3 optimal offers that match your criteria the best
  3. We schedule a video call in any application or messenger of your choice – Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom, Skype etc.
  4. Exactly on time we get in touch with you and organize a video call from the selected property to make a video walkthrough of the property and to show in detail all aspects that are of interest to you – both inside and outside of the property.
    During a call you could also meet the seller/developer and ask all your questions directly.
  1. We film the property for you and send you the video walkthrough – to review it or show to your loved ones.
Property reservation

If choose a property after online viewing and get interested in buying it, we provide you with an opportunity to reserve the property and take it off sale until signing of sale & purchase agreement.

  1. In this case, a three-party reservation agreement is signed distantly (in scanned copies) between you, property seller and our agency. The reservation agreement contains all main conditions of the prospective deal and the term of the reservation period. Usually, the reservation term is 30 days. During this time the sale & purchase agreement has to be signed.
  2. After the signing of the reservation agreement the reservation deposit for the property unit is transferred – to our agency bank account or directly to the account of the property seller – as agreed and specified in the reservation agreement.
  3. The property unit is then taken off sale until the signature of the sale & purchase agreement – either by yourself or by your attorney.


Then you could choose – to come to Montenegro in person to sign the sale & purchase agreement, or to appoint one of our managers as your attorney to conduct the purchase of the chosen property on your behalf.

Distant property purchase
  1. If you’ve decided to make a distant property purchase, we send you the text of the POA for the purchase of the chosen property, that you issue on our manager’s name. You shall certify this POA at a public notary or solicitor in your country of residence and send it to our company address through international delivery service (DHL, etc)
  2. After we get the certified POA, we schedule an appointment at the public notary’s office for signing of sale & purchase agreement on your behalf. The notary public than prepares the draft of the agreement, we translate it into English and send the translation for your reference. We could then make a call through skype or zoom and read through the text with you and make changes, if necessary.
  3. When the wording of the agreement is agreed upon and confirmed by you, we go to the notary and sing the agreement. Then we send you a scan of the notarized agreement, and also arrange for sending of the original document by the international delivery service.
  4. Based on the agreement you make a wire transfer of the property price from your bank account to the account of the seller. Then you send the confirmation of the transfer to us.
  5. When the full price amount is received by the seller, the notary public transfers the agreement to the Land Registry for the property ownership right registration on your name. We then monitor the registration process in the Land Registry, which usually takes 60 days. As soon as we obtain the Land Registry decision and see that the ownership is transferred on your name, we send it over to you.
  6. Upon your arrival to Montenegro, we meet you at the airport and drive you to your new home on the coast of Montenegro!

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